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• Non-GMO

• Organically Grown Hemp

• Laboratory Tested to Ensure Safety & Potency

• Less Than 0.3% Delta 9. Compliant to Federal Farm Bil

What is Gassy?

Our Delta 9 THC gummies pack tons of flavor but not only are they delicious, our gummies also boast an extra buzz. Our premium Gassy gummies pack a very potent punch, with 10 milligrams of Delta-9 in each piece.

Made with pure Delta-9 distillate extracted from organically-grown hemp, these gummies are infused with the highest quality of lab-tested Delta-9 distillate. 

Gassy gummies are also naturally vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO!


Edibles can sometimes be tricky and taking too much is never a good scenario. We recommend you start off by taking half of one gummy and if fine after 2 hours increase your dosage slowly. Even if you are an avid smoker be careful of Delta-9 edibles as they can leave the same effects as regular edibles. Every person is different so go slow and learn your own tolerance.

Feeling & Effects

Our Delta-9 gummies give off a very relaxing body vibe. We have found many of our customers take our gummies when they have anxiety and a lot of stress or even to help them fall asleep. Maybe sit back with your friends watch a movie and enjoy some of our gummies and popcorn as you relax the night away. 

These gummies can allow people to have different reactions and we are not doctors so consult with your physician if you have any questions about Delta-9 and how it may affect you. 

Benefits Of Gassy

Aside from everything we just listed, there are countless other ways that you can benefit from our D9 edibles. Our gummies contain a complex matrix of phytonutrients, so they’re more than just a delicious gummy candy.

Edibles are also one of the easiest, most convenient ways to dose yourself with some Delta-9. Munching is definitely more discrete than vaping or sparking up a joint (but don’t get us wrong—there’s a time and place for those too)! Plus, each gummy contains exactly 10mg of D9, making it easy to get the right dose every time.

Storing Gassy

When storing your gummies, keep them in a safe place away from underage children and from direct heat and light. If you have a safe spot in your refrigerator, throw them in there to keep them nice and chilled. Our gummies can last up to a year, but you will probably be ordering more before then!

Are They Legal?

Our Delta-9 gummies are legal in most places. Certain states allow for the sale, possession and consumption of Delta-9 and we do not ship to states that have expressly banned Delta-9. When you check out there will be no shipping option if you enter a state that is prohibited.

What Makes Us Good?

Stimulates Creativity

Founded 2018

Rich With Delta-9

Relaxed & Calming Effects

Unmatched Flavors

Stimulates Creativity

Founded 2018

Rich With Delta-9

Relaxed & Calming Effects

Unmatched Flavors

star star star star star

Nothing But Love

Daysha Guerrero

star star star star star

I'm so blown rn this things b hitting 😎 helped me relax after a long tiring day gonna purchase these again soon! (:

Sarah Matos

Wow!! Be careful lol
star star star star star

I made a mistake and took two and I swear I died and came back 💀 but taking just the one is perfect, the perfect high and it last for hours.

Jeanluis Matos

star star star star star

Wait, I just ate a whole bag and I’m seeing people say they getting high off of just one? I’m fucked. Taste good tho.

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He crashed his car for the gummies!

My girlfriend couldn’t stop laughing 🤣

And then it hit him hard 💀

Best camping trip yet 😂