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Wow!! Be careful lol

So this is how it went y’all!!

3:35 pm takes one
4:00 pm Takes another
4:09 pm woah 🫠
4:14 pm eating a bowl of cereal, it’s smackin!!

I made a mistake and took two and I swear I died and came back 💀 but taking just the one is perfect, the perfect high and it last for hours. I wake up the next day still feeling it.


**** fire.

No thc

Not enough thc


Wait, I just ate a whole bag and I’m seeing people say they getting high off of just one? I’m fucked. Taste good tho.


I'm so blown rn this things b hitting 😎 helped me relax after a long tiring day gonna purchase these again soon! (:

Product & Flavor: Water, blueberry.

I don’t have much to say except … THESE ARE THE FREAKEN BOMB! I took one…. OMG.

Product & Flavor: Gummies fruit punch and blueberry.

Enjoyed very much would and will buy more.

Nikolas Rodriguez
Product & Flavor: Tropical blast
What I was expecting

At first I wasn’t sure if they worked or if it was some kind of scam. Right now I have 0 regrets!! They really work lol. I took 2 the first day and got me high af. I’ll definitely buy more in the future

Product & Flavor: Watermelon and Tropical

Was a little skeptical at first but one had me feeling real nice. Highly recommend!!!


I honestly didn’t think these were going to work cause they looked a little sketch, but these worked SO good. I gave them to some of my friends too and they all kicked in within 45 mins and everyone was so high

Product & Flavor: All
They were amazing I ate a whole pack and was a literally couch potato definitely recommend

Amazing definitely recommend this product if u want a edible that actually tastes good and get you high

Felix Fuentes
Gummy jawns

These jawns sneak up on you but they’re good asl

Product & Flavor: Tropical, berry
Good product, slow shipping

Very good product, highly recommend. Shipping fee is high and shipping & processing speed is too slow even after the payment processed.

Product & Flavor: Gummies and every flavor
I recommend

Like I said I recommend these, I was a little skeptical at first, when they came I took 2 and they knocked me on my ****. They were awesome I couldn’t believe it, but I learned my lesson, I take 1 for a nice mellow feeling and I can just sit and chill.

Product & Flavor: Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch
Pleasantly Surprised

I saw this on an ad on instagram and I didn’t think they’d be good but jeez these are great. Really potent stuff that takes away any pain I had at the time. Seriously recommend these, going to purchase some more after this review.

Product & Flavor: All flavors of gummies.

Every single flavor taste amazing and pretty affordable for what you’re getting. Absolutely ordering more.

Product & Flavor: All of them!
So fun!

Nice, chill, fun, happy times! 110% recommend.

Ya mama

My boi wrecked a Tesla after eating 3 of them

they were alright, taste wasn't great


Pairs well with a Tesla

I love these gummies when riding around in my Tesla. However I’m only giving 4 stars bc I crashed my Tesla yesterday in Echo park

The Best!!!!

Gassy is the best!!! I love the taste, texture and the nice smooth transition from blah blah blah to gassed up!! 😂😂😂😂 I've ordered a couple of times and I definitely will be ordering more. I just hate that it takes a week or better to get to me!!

Worth the money

I don’t really feel anything when I take just one but when I took 2 that’s when you get punched in the face with “oh I’m on mars” I took 3 at once and let me tell you that is the most intense high I’ve ever had. Never felt anxious or scared. Definitely recommend for anyone.

Product & Flavor: Watermelon, Fruit Punch, Pineapple

Saw this on Instagram and I decided to give it a try. OMG they are really good, I take 2 at night to help me sleep and Im finally getting a good night's rest.

Product & Flavor: Blueberry blast and Pineapple
Buying more now

Taste is pretty good and they work!

Product & Flavor: Watermelon ice

While the shipping took longer than anticipated, the communication was great and the product was definitely worth the wait.