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Ate a pack with a friend

Me and my friend at two felt that **** till the afternoon mf was laughing his **** off 🤣

Product & Flavor: Blueberry Bash
Delight surprise

When I had a few I was really impressed at how well they made me feel chill asf, reminds me of my early days with the way it made me feel! Definitely coming back for more!

Product & Flavor: gummies watermelon and blue
very relaxed

My friend and I tried these and they are crazy good but it sneaks up on u and ur on a cloud I'll definitely get more

Product & Flavor: Gummies Watermelon Ice

Really recommend these! Best I've ever had and I've had many edibles. Definitely ordering more 😍.

Product & Flavor: Watermelon ice gummies
Worth it

Best way to buy, I went from worrying about being scammed to a constant buyer. Highly recommend ESPECIALLY because of the price

Product & Flavor: A few pens and the watermelon & pineapple gummies.

Love this place! Great service and quick delivery!

Great high

I get so high with these, I usually eat like 2 packs and that gets me zooted for a couple hours

Product & Flavor: Blueberry
Perfect I swear

Like woah🤯 I love these gummies Just the right amount and keeps you calm and relaxed

Product & Flavor: Watermelon gummies
Awesome product!

The gummies are by far the best I have ever tried! Took a little longer then I expected to get them but it was worth the wait. Happy customer here for sure!

Product & Flavor: Blueberry?
From Nj with love

I was skeptical at first considering I found this on Instagram however it was delivered on time and the product is phenomenal. From Nj

One word… AMAZING 😘🤌🏼
You guys need to try these, they’re amazing to just relax after a long day at work


These gummies are amazing, they hit just right, very chill! Get these now you won’t regret it!

Product & Flavor: Watermelon ice gummies

As an avid thc user I was insanely impressed with these gummies, I didn’t even know what to expect at first but it was the perfect high, very chill but very noticeable, exactly what I wanted 100/10 I’ve been recommending to everyone

Mary Klaush
This **** slappin

I used to get the worst anxiety from weed. My friend recommended me to try delta-8 because he told me that he never gets anxious when taking them. I decided to order
some gummies and I was amazed at how relaxed I felt. Usually I cut it in half and take half of a gummy and that puts me in a great relaxed state! Highly recommend especially if ur one to stress like me.


Still new to the delta-8 scene I was curious and got the purple punch vape. Now I know it’s a hit or miss with vapes considering the flavor and how it hits. The first hit you can instantly taste the well balanced flavor of the delta-8 and the terpenes and honestly there’s is no harsh after taste. I just recently finished my pen and I gotta say I’m going to continue my delta-8 binge with GASSY, it’s the most chillest “high” and this product delivers %100